As humanity develops, so does our definition of the perfect wedding. For most, this is one of the most important milestones of our lives—where a sacred conjoining of two souls seal their love with an “I Do.” But, here come the planning decisions, and many of them. Are you shooting for a traditional church wedding? Barn wedding? How about a destination? We’re here to put your mind at ease from all the never-ending trends with a simple yet reliable solution known to impress: the golf course. Here are six reasons why we love to love it.

Elegant Outdoor Backdrop

Think of your golf course wedding venue as a blank canvas. With its well-manicured lawns that stretch on for miles and its woodsy pines that grow and change color with the seasons, you can opt for any wedding theme. You can set up a pure white pergola decked with rainbow flowers if you wish. A golf course wedding offers endless decoration possibilities, complicated or simple, to complement the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Wedding Venue at a Golf Course, Virginia Beach

Flawless Photos

Speaking of beautiful backdrops, you can count on golf club wedding venues to be photogenic. There’s nothing more rewarding for your wedding memories than the effortless effect of natural lighting. Instead of traveling for wedding photos, you can take advantage of Mother Nature’s filter to create something truly magical (and not to mention, Insta-worthy) indoors and outdoors.

Golf Course Wedding

Roomy and Accessible

It’s time to ditch cramped weddings like a break-away bouquet— rolling fields of green are here to stay.  Your special day has the wedding with a golf course view and the room for it too.  If you’re looking for a small, intimate wedding or believe in “go big or go home,” golf course venues embrace families and parties of all sizes.  On top of it all, your guests won’t have to travel far, and there’s plenty of parking.

Exclusive Privacy

No matter the party size, you will share your wedding ceremony with your loved ones without distractions.  Golf courses are intentionally placed away from busy highways, events, or other congested spots so that you can seal the deal with your spouse without the objection of a blaring car horn.

Tasteful Catering and Bar Service

Ah, wedding food. Depending on the planning, it can be a complete hit or miss.Luckily,golf club wedding venues are already built-in with classy restaurants, which have catering and bar services for the refined palette. Indulge in your dream menu with the help of a talented chef without the hassle of pre-planning elsewhere.

Catering with full bar service at VB National on the Green

More Value For Your Money

Against popular belief, a wedding doesn’t have to break the bank.  However, wedding costs steadily rise by the year, with 2023’s projection to shoot above $29,000.  Enter the golf course wedding venue, which exceeds cost expectations with all its amenities in one place.  Instead of scurrying to find a separate venue for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, ceremony, and after-party, you can marry them all in one place.  With a wedding at a golf course, you don’t have to seek external vendors and can bundle your catering, bar service, and celebrating together.

The Golf Club Wedding: A Hole-in-One Venue

The wedding on a golf course is a sophisticated choice for lovers who prioritize matrimony.  Limitless benefits trump the typical wedding in terms of cost, scenery, cuisine, and pleasure.  VB National On the Green is a country club wedding venue in Virginia Beach that does everything and more.  Make space for a lifetime of unforgettable experiences with the premier venue choice that puts your love first.

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