Over the decades, we are experiencing a wedding revolution. Instead of the traditional church wedding, people strive to make their ceremonies different to represent their unique love. But despite all of the modifications, quirky locations, and outlandish themes, one element remains a must: the venue. After all, your friends and family will need a place to celebrate, from micro weddings to macro weddings!

But when has wedding planning ever been easy? Finding the perfect place to get married is no different. Do you want to go simple with a stand-alone banquet hall, or do you want to keep things classy with a country club wedding venue? Fancy a kiss with an oceanfront view or a rustic barn? No matter the preference, there are plenty of expectations to set before deciding. Here we have created the fundamentals for choosing your ideal wedding venue.

Set a Budget

Before your dream wedding comes true, you have to consider affordability. Not only will the venue cost money, but the decorations, amenities, catering, technology, and more will hike the price. Decide if certain aspects of your wedding are realistic to your financial situation.

Craft a Guest List

The number of guests your invite will also play a significant role in the wedding venue you choose. 500 family members and friends can’t squeeze into a space designed for 100. Likewise, an expansive, echoing hall will feel lonely for a small group of 50. Make a rough estimate of who you want to join on your special day, and land on a venue that will prioritize comfort.

Choose Your Location

When it comes to perfect wedding locations, details are everything. Where the wedding takes place is crucial to your desired ambiance. Not only that, but the setting dictates how many of your guests will attend. Whether a destination wedding or a homebody wedding, consider the travel time and transportation involved and make accommodations for your guests.

Visit Potential Venues

A common yet wedding-fatal mistake is making decisions without proper research. Don’t just eyeball the venue, do a deep dive! Schedule visits to your top contenders and learn the ins and outs of potential future wedding spots. This will allow you to see it in person, ask questions, and get a sense of the vibe. It never hurts to take notes, ask for pictures, and request brochures to review later.

Add the Amenities and Decorations

Visualize your ideal wedding in your head. What is the color scheme? Will the floral arrangements, table settings, tablecloths, and furniture coordinate with the bridal party’s theme? What feelings do they encapsulate? Decorations aside, you will need tables, chairs, linens, and a sound system. You may also want to hire a wedding coordinator if the venue does not serve one.

Read Reviews

A venue’s reviews show the popularity and success of its events in the past. Google Reviews typically showcase the venue’s strengths and weaknesses through real-life situations from other couples.

Ask about Catering

Let’s be honest: the food is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding—second to the matrimony bond itself. Many venues offer catering and restaurant services or have a preferred vendor they partner with. The last things you want are boring d’oeuvres or less-than-stellar main dishes. We highlight all of our mouthwatering favorites in a blog here.

Wedding food idea featuring delicious tacos and refreshing margaritas

Coordinate with the Season

Are you more of a winter wonderland or summer lovin’ couple? Well, the wedding venue you pick can be a little too frosty or steamy if the ventilation is not up to par. Summer weddings pair well with spacious outdoor layouts; winter weddings excel with heated indoor spaces.

Sign the Contract

Before finalizations, don’t forget to read the fine print! Once all of your questions have been answered and your wedding details are as clear as day, sign the contract that outlines your rental agreement. With you and your venue on the same page, there will be no surprises as your love is sealed.

Elegant Country Club Weddings at VB National On the Green

The wedding industry is forever changing, with lovers redefining what it means to get married. That’s why at our golf course venue, we ensure it’s love at first site with our picturesque landscape, sprawling ceremony lawn, delicious food, and expertise to cater to your dream wedding.

Don’t get cold feet on choosing the right venue. Get in touch with our wedding planners for more information.

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