Any event planner will tell you that with a successful event comes successful planning. And to some, a party is only as good as the space it’s spent in. With endless event venue choices, you can fall down a rabbit hole of indecisions that will leave you boggled on the correct course of action. Running down our checklist of event essentials, we will walk you through the factors that set the scene for your special occasion.

Location and Accessibility

Outdoor Party and special event venue in Virginia Beach

The location has always been the key decider in picking the perfect party venue. The further away your special event is from your guests, the more limited the turnout will be. Whether your special occasion venue is set in the heart of a bustling city or the middle of a rural field, it must be easily accessible to suit your guests’ needs. Traffic, public transportation, and distance from the airport are critical to remember when booking your event.


When your guests arrive at the venue, none want to be confronted with limited parking or cramped parking spaces. Likewise, your guests may not have the means to pay for a parking spot. An event space with complimentary parking or valet services is ideal for ensuring the comfort and punctuality of your guests. If your event venue does not have free parking, inquire if it’s located by any lots nearby.


Beautiful Ambiance of Indoor Event Venue for Special Occasions

The top indoor and outdoor party venues not only accommodate their guests for an enjoyable celebratory experience—but do it with style, too. A wedding anniversary, business luncheon, or holiday party significantly differ in style and mood and should be tailored by decoration, backdrop, and dress code. From professional to festive, uplifting to endearing, your guests should encapsulate your desired feeling the minute they enter the venue.


Is your party size large and rowdy or small and intimate? Your party space should cater to such. Two hundred guests can’t squeeze into a venue with a one-hundred maximum capacity and limited seating arrangements. That’s why it’s an absolute must to get a headcount of all participants before choosing the venue that will welcome them.  It’s a general rule of thumb to have guests RSVP 2-4 weeks before the event.  If you’re unsure how many people will turn up, it’s wise to set up a poll on social media or reach out in a group chat directly.

Catering and Bar Services

Table set up for the special occasion on an event venue

Have you ever been to a party and thought the food was just “meh”? Well, there’s nothing like dry food and weak drinks that will get your guests scrambling for an early departure. Delicious food and a full-service bar will surely make your guests stay awhile. Your go-to event venue should have a delectable restaurant/catering service, professional photos and menus, and talented chefs you can collaborate with—so make sure to check their website.


Think about the type of party you will be hosting: is it a multi-activity event that requires multiple floors and a large amount of space, or a simple gathering all in one place? Maybe you’re looking to introduce your guests to a photo booth in one corner, a game room in another, and a hot pretzel stand in another. It’s best to finalize these specific details before choosing the event venue so that you can envision the perfect layout. 


If you’re looking to deliver a speech or play music, your guests should hear it loud and clear (but not too loud). When a special occasion venue has a low ceiling, the sound system can be bellowing, but if your space has the opposite, the sounds can be echoing and inaudible. Either way, both scenarios result from bad acoustics, and you should do a sound and mic check with your venue first.


Presentations, slide shows, and videos should go uninterrupted. Your special event will be smooth sailing with up-to-date television screens, projectors, audio, and other cutting-edge technology. Choose a party space with a high-speed WiFi connection and modernized amenities for a pleasurable experience.


When it comes down to finalizations, everything must fall within your budget. The venue takes a large chunk of the ratio, so it’s smart to assign your goal price before purchasing decorations, catering, and entertainment.

Event Date Flexibility

Mark a few potential dates on your calendar to allow you to negotiate with venue owners. Depending on the event venue, they may be looking to fill up their dates fast. By providing 2-3 dates, you can secure the venue at a better rate and potential discount.

VB National On The Green: The Premier Party Venue of Virginia Beach

If you’re looking for all of the makings of your dream celebration, VB National On the Green has it all: a gorgeous outdoor backdrop, indoor and outdoor seating, exquisite dining with talented chefs, and more. Our golf course event space accommodates up to 200 guests and hosts anything from weddings, business meetings, and other small or large events within our clubhouse and rolling hills of green.
To discover a party venue that prioritizes your event specifications, send us an inquiry or call us at 757 563-9441 and book a tour.

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