So, you’ve decided that the golf course venue is the hole-in-one wedding of your choice. It’s no surprise why: golf course weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years for their perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Picturesque landscapes, spacious venues, and a refreshingly unique atmosphere are all a reality when you choose a golf course venue over a traditional wedding. But there’s an incredibly common yet daunting problem surrounding the day you declare your ‘I Dos,” no matter your venue—the wedding planning. Before you get cold feet, consider this straight-to-the-point guide to making your outdoor wedding planning a bit less stressful and more magical.

1. Choose the Right Course

Like choosing the right golf club, every golf course venue may not work for everyone. Some people just can’t swing a big, gaudy hall and prefer a more private, humble location. That’s why you should make your expectations clear from the get-go with your partner on what makes the ideal golf course wedding. The size and accessibility of the indoor and outdoor spaces are both essential factors to take into account, along with picking a picturesque setting with plenty of open space and natural beauty to spare.

Don’t forget to ensure the course has experience hosting golf course-themed weddings, and always ask for photos to get a sense of what’s possible. Check out our gallery of wedding photos to see how other couples enjoy the space and frame some ideas of your own!

A stunning couple striking a pose at a Golf Course Wedding Venue in Virginia Beach

2. Plan Your Ceremony

The next step is planning your ceremony. But that’s easier said than done—you ideally want to choose a date that’s good for everyone. Luckily, golf courses have plenty of outdoor space to accommodate your guests, from lush gardens to rolling fairways and ceremonial lawns. If it’s exclusively an outdoor wedding, make sure to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, like an indoor area and tents. Some golf course venues already offer indoor spaces that can be used at your convenience, so it may be in your best interest to pick a venue with both.

Chairs are neatly arranged for a seating arrangement for guests at VB National on the Green Venue, a golf course wedding venue in Virginia Beach

3. Visualize Your Reception

Picture your wedding reception: do you see a gorgeous ballroom or an outdoor patio in your future? Would you embrace a sit-down dinner or a casual buffet? Is the music pumping through the DJ speakers or popping off the strings of a live violinist? Make a list of all the details.

4. Embrace the Golf Theme

When it comes to weddings, planning themes that please everyone takes work. One of the best things about a golf course-themed wedding is that you can embrace the golf course decor and activities that naturally come with the venue. From golf-themed centerpieces to custom golf balls with your wedding date, there are endless ways to make everyone’s experience inclusive and fun. You could even incorporate a mini golf course or putting green for guests to enjoy during the reception. Even if your guests aren’t pro golfers, who doesn’t love a quick game?

Country club wedding venue with a golf course, Virginia Beach

5. Plan Your Menu

Your wedding menu can make or break your wedding. Look for a caterer that specializes in golf course weddings specifically to help you craft a menu that complements the theme and setting. Golf-themed appetizers like mini burgers or chicken skewers or signature cocktail names like “The Hole-in-One” or “The Mulligan” are all delicious and clever choices. Check out our 13 Great Wedding Food & Drink Menu Ideas for Your Reception for more.

6. Consider Transportation

Golf courses are often nestled in remote areas, so transportation can be challenging for your guests. Depending on how far and accessible it is, the venue can be as simple as Hole One or impossible to maneuver like Hole 18. You may want to hire a shuttle service to get your guests from one location to another. Gathering them in one place like a hotel to be picked up will not only make it easier for your guests, but it will also ensure that everyone arrives safely and on time. Above all, it is also safer, especially when alcohol is involved.

7. Get Down to the Details

Golf course wedding venues offer a unique opportunity to mix a fun and elegant flair into your wedding. Custom golf tees, golf-themed wedding favors, and golf-ball cake pops are just some of the many ways you can make your wedding event interactive and memorable. Of course, some venues have golf course wedding packages that can help with that.

With all of this in mind, VB National On the Green helps you plan a golf course wedding that’s a putt above the rest. Our venue is loaded with a restaurant, indoor and outdoor facilities, and breathtaking views. Get in touch to start planning.

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