You’ve finally found your forever love; now it’s time to find the perfect place to say “I do.” Thought the planning would be a piece of (wedding) cake? Well, welcome to the world of wedding planning: where the journey is as full of anticipation as the destination.

Today, VB National on the Green is dissecting the absolute must-be-asked questions to ask during your wedding venue walkthrough. Because, like a new house, your marriage is an investment that deserves precise planning—no questions left unanswered.

Advice from us: During venue hunting, treat the staff like you would a real estate agent or property seller. Drill them with questions so you can compare choices.

1. Where’s the Party?

First things first, let’s talk about location, location, location. If you and your spouse love to keep things simple, you won’t find your magic in a grand cathedral with spiraling staircases and intricate water fountains. More importantly, can your guests find it without a treasure map? Ask about the venue’s exact location and accessibility to ensure everyone arrives with smiles.

2. Will They All Fit?

Are you dreaming of an intimate gathering or a grand celebration that could rival the Oscars? The versatility of a golf course wedding venue can usually handle both, but ask whether it comfortably accommodates your guest list. Guests can’t properly enjoy the ceremony if they’re squeezed together while the bride walks down the aisle or when dinner is served. Likewise, you wouldn’t want your guests to feel isolated, either. Party size matters.

Couples walking down the Aisle and surrounded by family & friends

3. When’s Your Availability?

Picture this: Your wedding day, pure perfection, and… a surprise marching band? Avoid unexpected distractions by asking about the venue’s availability on your chosen date. Let’s make sure your celebration doesn’t clash with any soirées!

4. Indoors or Outdoors?

Mother Nature or indoor elegance? Our rule of thumb is to find one that has the best of both worlds. If you’re drawn to outdoor romance, ask how they will accommodate the weather. If indoors is your jam, make sure the entire space is large enough and equipped with proper ventilation.

Questions to ask during the wedding venue walkthrough about indoor & outdoor facilities

5. How Can I Decorate?

You’ve got a Pinterest board full of deco ideas; now it’s time to get crafting. Ask about the venue’s decor policies and restrictions so you won’t get lost in a sea of rules. If you’re having trouble, your venue can recommend how to tailor the space to your liking.

6. What Are Your Prices?

The budget talk doesn’t have to be daunting. Ask about pricing, packages, and what’s included to see if it holds up to other venues on your list. Think: Is this place worth the money? If not, don’t settle. Getting multiple opinions from close ones, wedding planners, or financial experts on this matter is essential so you won’t exceed the budget.

7. What Does the Dance Floor Look Like?

Ask about the available dance floor space to ensure it’s up to par. Imagine dancing under the stars or fairy lights with your loved ones by your side. Or, if you’d prefer, on the floorboards of a rustic barn. Is it dance-friendly? After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin a special father-daughter dance or (gasp) Uncle Bob’s famous MJ-inspired moonwalk.

Bride dancing on the floor with her friends

8. Do You Have A Culinary Team?

Food brings people together; your wedding hors d’oeuvers, dinner, and dessert should be equally unforgettable. Ask if you can craft a menu with a chef or if outside caterers are allowed. Need ideas? We got ’em.

Questions to ask during venue walkthrough about the Culinary Team

9. Where Do We Park?

Parking woes can slam the brakes on your guests’ excitement. Avoid potholes by asking about parking availability and whether it’s free or requires a bit of budget planning.

10. Any Extra Enchantments? 

Last but not least, inquire about any additional services. Are there getting-ready rooms fit for royalty? Is a superhero team ready to tackle wedding-day emergencies? What about a built-in restaurant that caters to breakfast, lunch, & dinner? The best ones always have something unique to offer.

Need more wedding planning help? Our experts are all ears. VB National on the Green is a wedding & reception venue in Virginia Beach that is experienced in creating dream weddings, bridal showers, and so much more. Contact our team today!

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