Ready to walk down the aisle? Don’t forget that timing is everything. Because from the aisle to the altar, all eyes should be on you, not on rainy skies, toppling decorations from blustering winds, or hand watches to count down the seconds. 

Frankly, unwanted distractions tend to stem from the weather—or rather, seasonal problems that could have been avoided if the right day was chosen. Sounds like too much pressure? Don’t fall apart at the seams just yet, because we’re unwrapping the best wedding dates that are not too this or that but just right. How? Two words: wedding season.

What and When is Wedding Season?

Wedding season is the goldilocks period for brides and grooms. From April to October, the weather and seasonal conditions align to create the most beautiful and comfortable temperaments, opening a desirable time window for almost-brides and grooms. But during wedding season, there’s a “peak,” AKA the most popular of popular times to plan: peak wedding season.

The allure of these seasons comes from the blooming flowers and mild weather of spring, and the vibrant foliage and comfortable temperatures in fall, both providing stunning backdrops for weddings. However, the high demand during these peak seasons influences venue availability and pricing, and they vary state by state. So remember, planning a wedding during peak seasons may require extra effort, but the charm and ambiance make it worth it.

When is Virginia’s Peak Wedding Season?

Virginia’s peak wedding season leans on the charm of fall rather than the national trend of spring and fall. The favored months for weddings in this state are September and October. The state’s picturesque autumnal settings, coupled with its pleasant weather, make it an ideal time for couples to exchange vows. 

Which are the U.S.’s Most Popular Wedding Months?

In the U.S., most people marry from April to June and September to October. Spring’s blossoming beauty in April to June, coupled with warm weather, offers an ideal wedding backdrop. Similarly, the symphony of fall colors in September-October and crisp breezes and not-too-hot temperatures create a uniquely romantic ambiance. These months are favorites as they avoid major holidays, coincide with school vacations, and are perfect for outdoor celebrations. If you’re more budget-focused, our wedding experts at VBN recommend November—it’s a fantastic month to get married because we can reduce the Venue Fee and provide other possible discounts.

What About the Off-Season Wedding Months?

The quieter wedding months in the U.S. are from December to March, also known as the ‘off-season.’ The advantages of this period include better venue availability and potentially lower pricing due to decreased demand. Your favorite vendors, florists, photographers, and caterers will likely be more available. Despite the chillier weather, the beauty of winter is undeniable, from a possible white wedding to the cozy fireside ambiance. Opting for an off-season wedding can grant a beautiful and potentially less expensive wedding experience—without the stress.

Least Popular Month to Get Married?

While January might bring new beginnings and resolutions, it’s surprisingly the least favored month for weddings. The primary reasons include unpredictable winter weather and post-holiday fatigue. Despite this, its serene, snowy landscapes and cozy indoor receptions offer a unique charm. For those who love winter and seek a “chill” wedding, January could be ideal for you.

Find Your Dream Wedding Venue in Virginia Beach

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